A minor setback (at least I hope so)

The good news is, I made some really good progress at getting the trim handsewn onto my current skirt project during Lost tonight. The bad news is, after the show was over I tried on the skirt, and due to the crinkly gauze it’s rather big on me. If I hike the skirt up to where on my hips I wanted it to sit, the trim sits oddly, but if I move it so the trim sits well it’s halfway down my backside. The trim is adding a lot to the skirt as far as tying the varying colored stripes together, so I don’t want to remove it. I think if I can find a brown or something to match and just make a new waistband, that will help. But then there’s the zipper factor. Maybe I should just try to find a knit and then take the zipper out, because right now, I can pull the skirt off without undoing the zipper anyway. Not good.

And because I can, here’s my Halloween pumpkin of the year:

The horse design is based off one of the Rohan banners from Lord of the Rings. Yes, I know I’m a geek. 😛


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