Seashells and Stones

The finished product! I made the earrings today. Unfortunately, I already have to redo one of them, because right after I took this picture, my cat knocked the jewelry stand over. I stupidly left the earrings on the floor while I was trying to rearrange the necklace to take the close-up shot, and unbeknownst to me, while I was doing that she sat on one of them. Besides flattening the metal cone on top, her weight broke one of the shells right off. And of course, since I did them all on a single piece of thread, that means I need to redo the entire earring. *facepalm*
But anyway, this shot gives a better idea of how the necklace overlaps. The second layer loops around the beads holding the first together. I’ll have to arrange the shells very carefully every time I put it on, but I’m very proud of the way it looks.
I also made this set this afternoon to go with the sweater I’m wearing now–I’d gotten the black donut awhile ago, along with some plain jasper beads, but ended up using these carved jasper flowers instead that were leftover from a necklace I’d made for my mom (at least, I think I made that one–since I taught her how to make the beaded necklaces it’s a lot harder for me to remember what I made for her and what she made herself, but she still let me keep the leftover beads so that’s what counts.) There’s also some black stone chips in there too, though you can’t see those as well.
I also finished making those raffia wrist and ankle bands for the Scarecrow costume yesterday. I still need to baste some patches onto the pants, though I have to admit my brain’s a little more occupied at the moment with trying to come up with something I can reconstruct the pants into later. 😛
Ok, off to practice my flute so I can see if I still have any time to sew this afternoon…

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