Seashells and seed beads, part 2

I did get a skirt cut out last night. I was originally planning on using a pattern (not that I need one so much for a tiered peasant skirt, but it did have a more fitted yoke that I liked.) I ended up having to improvise on it a good bit because not only was the fabric more narrow than the pattern, but it was a striped print and I wanted to try to get the patterns to line up if at all possible. So we’ll see how it turns out.

I worked some more on my seashell necklace tonight. I needed something brainless to distract me from work. 😛 So the second layer of shells is on now. I’d attempted it last night, but the thread kept tangling, so today I realized what I should have done originally is just tape the first finished section to something. It worked a lot better, as I was able to just weave around the rest of it. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the loops for the top line of shells are looped around the beaded sections in between the original shells. What I’m hoping it’ll do on me is lay relatively flat so it’ll have kind of a fishy scale look to it. So now I just need to string beads coming out from either side, and decide if it needs a third strand or anything. I’d originally thought so, but now I’m rethinking that.

I’m so happy that I can actually get decent pics of the jewelry stuff now. I’m loving this new digital camera. They’d always blurred horribly before, which was really frustrating.

And I’m actually happy that Jeffrey won Project Runway. Not the most likeable personality, and I had been rooting for Uli all along, but I really did like most of his final collection. And I felt like for me, it was a bit more wearable (read: easier to steal ideas from) than Uli’s, since I’m not a huge fan of showing obvious cleavage and most of her designs were slit down to the navel or so. But I am happy that she got second place.

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