Operation: Jacket, and Seashell Jewelry

As of last night, my corduroy military-style jacket is done. As you can see, here’s the front and the back. I used McCall’s 5190 for the pattern, mainly based off of view A, but I added the epaulets on the shoulders and the band on the back from view D because I liked them. I couldn’t get a good closeup of the buttons, but I absolutely love them because they’re a bit sparkly and they look like sunflowers (which are my favorite), so it’s a nice feminizing touch, I think.

I also started making a necklace tonight from some of the shells I picked up on the beach at Ocean City.

This is kind of what I’m going for– I want to layer the shells just to give the necklace a bit more substance, since the holes in a lot of them are rather large. (I found them that way, so it was nice to not have to attempt to drill anything!)

And this is what I actually have done so far. I still need to figure out how to get the second layer on there, but the seed beads seem to be working nicely for non-abrasive loops so far.

And just a note about the seed beads because I think it’s cool– they’re from Kenya! My best friend went there this past summer and brought them back for me.

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