Crafting at the beach

Not that I got much of it done. But since I was at a beach condo with two crafty friends all weekend, we did bring stuff to do. I brought scrapbook stuff this time, and got the layouts done for four layouts (I still need to add text to all of them, and for me that’s best done with a computer! If I want it legible, anyway.)

I also found a decent-sized stockpile of seashells with natural holes in good places for jewelry. Most of the ones I collected are these neat iridescent ones– more or less half in goldish and half in dark greyish. I think I have enough to do separate jewelry sets for the two color schemes.

Also, not entirely related to crafting, but it’s not unrelated. Since my beloved film camera keeps acting up on me (two weekends in a row it hasn’t functioned well! Last weekend it decided the batteries were dead halfway through loading the film, and this weekend it decided to spontaneously rewind a different roll of film after four shots. Boo!) and I was going to get a digital for Christmas anyway, when I told my mom that it wasn’t working again she went ahead and ordered the one I’d wanted so I can have it early. So it’ll make it easier for me to get pictures on here now (and, hopefully, finally get some decent jewelry pictures out of it!)


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