Swap Loot! (part 2)

All my pictures blurred. Boo! But this is what I got in return from the fabulous teapotdnky:

Reepicheep! Which is really funny, since I had already decided I’d have to make my own. It was hard for me to send. So this was perfect (and I like her poly clay sword better than my sticker-covered cardboard one anyway.)

A travel pouch (with pocket that you can’t see very well), that holds this potion vial inside (makes me think of Lucy’s cordial bottle).

A Narnian map, which also fits very nicely inside the pocket when rolled up. I’m trying to figure out what kind of paper this is, because it feels very cloth-like!

And finally, Lucy Pevensie reading the Magician’s book in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as done in polymer clay. The pictures really don’t do this one justice– the details are exquisite.
And a more frontal view of Lucy (and Reepicheep) and the book she’s reading. Just ignore the plushy Faramir that’s keeping them company in the background.
So I was very pleased with how this one turned out, though I’m thinking perhaps I went a bit overboard in my own crafting. Typical for me. Good learning experience though, and I would definitely do it again.
In other news, I don’t know if I’m going to have any time at all to craft this week. Between work, trying to get my horribly messy room cleaned, extra reasons to practice my flute, and going away this weekend, there’s just no time left. 😦

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