Swap Loot! (part 1)

My partner got my package, and I got hers today, so I can finally post pics of what I’ve been making!

Her favorite of the Narnia books was Voyage of the Dawn Treader so I based everything off of that. Here’s what I made:

This was the first project I finished, a little zippered pouch with the Narnian flag design on it.

She said her favorite color was grey, and so I made this little messenger-style bag. The embroidery is supposed to be Eustace as a dragon (it’s hard to see, but he’s got an armband stuck around his front leg). Grey suedecloth (which I found on sale) and lined in a silky lighter grey (which I found in the remnant bin! Yay!)

And then I had a good deal of leftover fabric from that, so I made her a matching wallet:

The text on the bottom is from her favorite quote: “There was a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it.” But I crossed out “boy” and wrote in “dragon” just because I could.


Boy, he was hard for me to send. I absolutely loved how he turned out. Mostly grey fleece that I found (again) in the remnant bin. The tail’s a pipecleaner that I covered in more leftover suedecloth from the dragon bag. I had to hand-sew everything due to size, but I was pleased with the results.

And next to the DVD case for scale.

A Dufflepud bookmark. The picture is made from little pieces collaged from magazine pages.

And finally, my last-minute project from last weekend. She’d mentioned that she’d gotten some painted shoes in a recent swap and enjoyed them, so I managed to score these for $3 at K-mart and painted them with the tons of cheap craft acrylics I have. The Dawn Treader is the left shoe, and a sea serpent is on the right.

I’ll post pics of what I got in return once I take them.

Edit: (12:11 AM)
No pictures yet. But I did start sewing together my jacket. Here’s all I’ve got so far. You can’t see the pocket flaps on the front pieces very well.

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